Gritty, MP, Finland, Crystal X. Boring
too much colonialism and not enough reparations imo
I'm too tired to come up with a Biden-related geology pun
Bolivia! Congo! China! Microbes! The ocean deep!
More federal funding of mines, more REE-coal stuff, zinc batteries, and protips on stretching one long Zoom or whatever into multiple pitches
some wheal exciting news from Cornwall, folks (sorry) and apparently we're in a minerals national emergency?
Arkansas lithium, more coal-based REE research, fossilized fish, unfortunately Elon, and more
Exhaustion, flower thieves, volcanoes, "learnings"
Holy shit the sky was orange in California and I fucking hate everything
Hello rocks readers! This week's links include a lot of non-mining metals recovery and recycling stories, which wasn't a deliberate choice but is kind…
Try to do something gneiss this weekend (sorry)
I wish the Nirvana song was more quotable, sorry everyone